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Hot HIIT Teacher Training (HHTT) is a comprehensive 25 hour intensive. You will be given the tools to create a successful Hot HIIT program at your home studio.

Upbeat Music

Learn how to create a beat-based class and get your students to move to the music

Muscles of the Core

Learn the basic principles behind a strong core

Interval Training

Create an effective program based on an effective sequence of exercises


Become comfortable with your command of a classroom





Next training
4/13 in New York City


on site training

Usually conducted over the course of a weekend at your facility, the course will break down the Hot HIIT practice and address timing, music, the proper order of exercises, warm-up, cool down and feature posture clinics. The breakdown of form and modifications will be covered in-depth to ensure trainees are fully prepared to begin leading classes. Practice classes and a final exam are mandatory.



suitable in any heated facility

Request more information about bringing Hot HIIT Teacher Training to your studio, anywhere in the world. Based out of New York City, Hot HIIT instructors have taught all over the United States and in Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

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