Nov 2nd-4th Hot HIIT Teacher Training

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Join us November 2nd-4th for the 19th edition of training led by Monique Crous, founder of HOT HIIT®!

This training will be hosted by Bikram Yoga Main Line in Berwyn, PA

Tuition: $995 with 1 year license fee, $895 without license fee



$995 including 1 year license

$896 without license

Hot HIIT is a low impact, high intensity workout that uses interval training to sculpt and tone your body. You are going to work very hard for 20 seconds and then rest for 10. We do between 4 and 8 sets of each exercise. High intensity interval training burns a maximum amount of fat and calories during class. HIIT also creates the after effect, during which your body is still working after class, burning calories and fat.
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